Celebrating 130 years of the IPU

Celebrating 130 years of the IPU


On 30 June 2019, the IPU will be celebrating its 130th anniversary, on International Day of Parliamentarism. We believe our anniversary is an opportunity to tell the story of the IPU – linking its past with what it does today – to show that we have never been more relevant and that strong and effective parliaments are part of the solution to the problems the world faces today.

If you are in Geneva, visit our exhibition 1889-2019: Celebrating 130 years of the IPU in the Palais des Nations (UN Geneva) in the Salle de Pas Perdus from 24 June to 12 July 2019. The opening is at 17:30 on 24 June (see invitation below). If you do not have a UN pass, register at https://reg.unog.ch/event/30180/.

Help us celebrate 130 years of the IPU! If you are an MP or work in a parliament, here are a few things you can do.

  • Send us the list of MPs in your parliament with their emails and social media handles
  • Adapt our press releases and send them to your national media contacts
  • Ask for our social media tool kits and help us amplify through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…
  • Suggest the names of interesting or outstanding MPs who can become IPU champions
  • Organize a special event in your parliament on 30 June or another milestone day in 2019-2020 (see the timeline below)
  • Send us videos or pictures of your parliament
  • Adapt our white label 130th anniversary exhibition and show it in your Parliament (contact us for more information)

When does the anniversary take place?
The anniversary starts in June 2019 and lasts a full year.

Contact us on press@ipu.org if you would like to take part.