The Fifth Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians

The Fifth Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians
14 - 15 Dec 2018 - Baku, Azerbaijan

Decisions made today shape tomorrow and have an impact on several generations to come. Young parliamentarians have repeatedly called for there to be “No decisions about youth, without youth”. The same can be said for future generations. Although the individuals that make up future generations may be inherently absent from public decision-making today, their rights and interests need to be taken into account in the present.

What will our planet look like for the generations to come? What resources will future generations have to live with? How will policy decisions taken today impact future generations? How can we concretely better integrate future generations into public decision-making?

On 14 and 15 December 2018, young men and women members of national parliaments will come together in Baku to answer these questions and more at the Fifth IPU Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians. On the theme of Promoting sustainability, protecting the interests of future generations, the Conference is being jointly organized by the IPU and the National Assembly of Azerbaijan.

Over the course of two days, young MPs from all corners of the world will come together with youth organization and other stakeholders to reflect collectively on “outside the box” sustainable solutions to key issues of today that will have a significant impact on tomorrow. Three sub-topics will be explored:  

  • the role of youth in environmental protection;
  • sustainable consumption and production; and
  • prioritizing youth empowerment.

The Conference will be an opportunity for young parliamentarians to share ideas and expertise and to rally around a common vision that safeguards the prosperity and well-being of future generations.

The Conference will also be the setting for the launch of the 2018 IPU report on youth participation in national parliaments.

The Conference is open to young men and women members of national parliaments as well as IPU observers and selected youth organizations, networks and associations.

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